Relationship Counseling

Clients I work with appreciate my balance of compassionate and loving presence with the capacity to firmly interrupt unhelpful patterns and help new ones fall into place.  I might be a fit for you if you’re queer, poly/nonmonogamous, a social justice activist, or just a couple/individual looking for deep presence and collaboration in counseling.

I’m great at working with

- Couples interested in learning how to do conflict better
- Non-monogamous couples/triads/polycules working on their relational dynamics
- Monogamous couples curious about exploring ethical nonmonogamy (ENM)

- Couples seeking support in facilitating repair around past harms

My approach

For monogamous couples exploring non-monogamy, challenges that appear when opening the relationship can cause a painful return to monogamy or even a breakup. I support these couples to form a greater sense of safety, to repair harms caused, and make a plan for the relationship moving forward.

For those in non-monogamous relationship structures, sometimes trust can be unexpectedly wounded when new partners enter the dynamic. In these situations, we identify where communications have broken down, do deeper processing of challenging feelings, and discover ways to repair harm.

In all relationships, communication challenges can lead to either avoidance of conflict, or regular conflict that feels exhausting and brings a sense of hopelessness. My work helps partners discover where communication is getting stuck and how to repair harms and resentments that have built over time.

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