Social Justice Theatre

  • Interactive theatre projects to hold public dialogue about a community issue
  • Weekend workshops on working with defensiveness, frozenness, and fragility
  • Youth social justice theatre-making workshops

My social justice theatre work combines my training in Process Work and in Theatre For Living / Theatre Of The Oppressed toward a deep investigation of the outer and inner power dynamics living inside of systems of social oppression. The work invites an investigation of how to transform these systems both internally and externally through the creative dialogue that can come through Forum Theatre. This can look like larger public performances as well as workshops within an organization, community group, or company.

Recent Work
My most recent project (Spring 2019) sought to create a brave space for white people to investigate their internalized white supremacy and more deeply explore the paradoxes living inside of the work of racial justice, while not placing burden on BBIPOC (black, brown, and indigenous people of color) in the process. To this end, I gathered a group of white people over several weeks to collaboratively develop a series of theatrical scenes centered around the struggles that white people face when engaged in the work of racial justice. Over two performance events, we hosted over 100 people in an interactive ‘Forum Theatre’ dialogue event that investigated how we as white people can show up in the work of racial justice more authentically, less defensively and/or frozen, and with the internal spaciousness to be truly present to the needs of communities of color.

My graduate thesis, Social Change from the Mainstream: Combining Process Work and Theatre of the Oppressed for White People Who Care Deeply About Racial Justice, chronicles the journey that led to this show and the learnings that came out of it.

If you are interested in taking part in future iterations of this work, or to support this work through financial or other means, please contact me.

background image source: shane griffin