About me

Hello! I’m Lolo, a counselor and conflict facilitator dedicated to helping individuals, partners, and families navigate the complexities of their personal and relational lives. My journey into counseling began unexpectedly at the Process Work Institute, driven by a deep-seated passion to discover transformative ways to resolve conflict in the world. This initial curiosity evolved into a career focused on fostering growth, insight, and healing in all forms of conflict.

I specialize in relationship counseling, and feel deeply engaged in the process of facilitating clients as they explore the challenges and pains that can emerge in intimate relationships. My practice is grounded in the belief that these personal interactions are not just moments of conflict, but opportunities for profound personal development and deeper connection, helping us show up more authentically in all of our relationships in the world.

Trained in somatic and experiential methods through my training at the Process Work Institute, I incorporate body-awareness techniques that go beyond traditional talk therapy. This approach allows us to tap into the unspoken undercurrents of our experiences, making space for unexpected insights and powerful shifts in perspective. I am also informed by and committed to a social justice approach in my work, ensuring a respectful and inclusive space for all clients.

Whether you are seeking to better understand yourself, your relationships, or are navigating the complexities of non-monogamy, I offer a supportive and challenging environment where your greatest difficulties can become the source of your greatest growth.