My training

The majority of my therapeutic training comes from my training at the Process Work Institute (PWI) in Portland, Oregon, where I trained from 2015-2019. Process Work combines Taoist philosophy, Jungian psychology, and somatic awareness in an attempt to follow one’s unfolding process most fully. This can include working with dreams, working with body symptoms, exploring through movement & sounding, working on relational difficulties, and navigating relationship to world issues and phenomena. For a more thorough explanation of Process Work, I recommend checking out Lane Arye’s explanation on his website.

Prior to my training at PWI, I trained both formally and informally in the facilitation of transformative processes through a mix of community organizing work, emotional vulnerability training spaces, and mediation training and practice environments.

Following my training at PWI, I have explored various methods for working with relationships, with most of my current inspiration coming from Stan Tatkin and his work at The PACT Institute, as well as Ellyn Bader at The Couples Institute.

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2019: Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Process-Oriented Facilitation
2017: MA in Process-Oriented Facilitation and Conflict Studies
2016: Social Justice Mediation Institute