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Organizational Consulting

Liberating Structures
Liberating Structures (LS) are a set of 33 modular microstructures that unleash the collective intelligence of teams, invite more creativity, and put an end to boring meetings. Enliven your meeting culture, produce more effective results from less meetings, and strengthen the collaborative culture within your team.
Clear Communication in Times of Conflict
Clear, compassionate, and strategic communication methods are essential in times of difficulty or conflict. I train teams and individuals in communication methods for working through conflict on teams and across power differences.

Organizational Conflict Mediation
Conflict on teams can cause countless issues with morale, teamwork, and overall productivity. I offer services in conflict mediation that helps teams to acknowledge the present conflict and do the necessary work to repair its impacts.
Collaborative Team Culture
How can organizations create a more collaborative culture that also remains productive? I train teams to build a more collaborative team culture that can unleash the creativity of team members while continuing to produce results.

Selected past clients / experience:


Lolo brings courage & creativity to racial equity in white dominant learning spaces. He brings new perspectives and skills in shaping transformative justice.” - Aviva McClure, Founder & CEO, OurTurn PDX
“Lolo was able to get to the heart of us, and present that heart to our meetings so that we could most efficiently go to the deep places we needed to go.” - Annie Rose Shapero, co-founder of the Alberta Shul

“Lolo asked thoughtful questions to understand the challenges I was trying to address, and my method of working as well [...] He is so deeply committed to the ‘why’ in his work and it's obvious in how he shows up.” - Individual consulting client
"Lolo’s medium is the message. Through great facilitation he showed us the value of more engaging meetings while giving us the tools to get back to work and do it ourselves." - Sam Foulger, organizer of AgilePDX