Individual Counseling

Clients I work with appreciate my balance of compassionate and loving presence with the capacity to firmly interrupt unhelpful patterns and help new ones fall into place.  I might be a fit for you if you’re queer, poly/nonmonogamous, a social justice activist, or just looking for deep presence and collaboration in counseling.

What I’m great at working with:

- Support in interpersonal relationships and how to make them more nourishing
- Inner exploration around purpose, vision, and direction
- Deepening around privileged identity and how to live more in integrity with one’s values
- Theatre-makers and movers/dancers looking for ways to bring these expressive methods into their personal exploration

Examples of who I work with

Social change facilitators looking to deepen their personal growth and healing as they hold space for others. I center somatic approaches in this work, supporting awareness-building of the more nuanced experiences inside the body and how they can offer cues for more effective change work in the world.

People facing relational struggles, whether with a partner, friend, or family member. In these cases we work together to find deeper patterns that may appear across relationships, and look at how to show up in relationship with greater integrity and inner alignment. 

Men seeking to deepen relationship with their feeling experiences, who feel out of touch with the deeper experiences that they witness in others. Together we use nonverbal embodied exercises, emotion identification activities, and more to help build this awareness more fully.

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