Individual Counseling

I believe we all hold an inherent wisdom of the path we must take in this world, and my approach seeks to help individuals deepen in relationship to their inner knowing which guides them to do what they do. My methods invite self-expression and self-discovery through body-based and talk methods. Where some moments look like regular talk therapy, others are focused on body-based and nonverbal exploration, and others may use role play to explore our different internal parts. Each session follows what is most alive in the moment for you and sees each place of focus as a microcosm of the whole.

I am also deeply informed by a transformative justice orientation that sees our personal growth work as directly connected to our ability to show up for change work in the world, and this informs much of the work I do with my clients, especially around social identity whether from marginal or dominant cultural identities.

What I’m great at working with

— Support in interpersonal relationships and how to make them more nourishing —

— Inner exploration around purpose, vision, and direction —

— Deepening around privileged identity and how to live more in integrity with one’s values —

— Theatre-makers and movers/dancers looking for ways to bring these expressive methods into their personal exploration —

How my identity plays into my work

As a straight white cisgendered man who has spent over a decade on a path of personal growth around these identities, I specialize in working with those coming from lived experience of privilege who see how their personal growth work is intimately connected to their ability to show up more fully as a change agent in the world. I also work with mindfulness- and creativity-oriented individuals and couples from marginalized identities to find inner and outer allies in their work of social and personal transformation.

As an experienced non-monogamous practitioner, I also offer an expertise in working with polyamorous, nonmonogamous, and relationship anarchist individuals and couples, and support those who are monogamous to better understand the unique qualities of this path as well.

My training

I trained for 4 years at the Process Work Institute (PWI) in Portland, Oregon from 2015-2019.  Process Work combines Taoist philosophy, Jungian psychology, and somatic awareness in an attempt to follow one’s unfolding process most fully. This can include working with dreams, working with body symptoms, exploring through movement & sounding, working on relational difficulties, and navigating relationship to world issues and phenomena. For a more thorough explanation of Process Work, I recommend checking out Lane Arye’s explanation on his website.

Prior to my training at PWI, I trained both formally and informally in facilitation of transformative processes, through a mix of community organizing context, emotional vulnerability training spaces, and mediation training and practice environments.

I see clients on a sliding scale from $80-$220/hour based on income.

Please reach out to set up a free consultation and we can discuss what rate will work the best for you.

If you would like to schedule a free consultation, feel free to call at (971) 266-3916 or send me an email at In the consultation, we’ll discuss your goals and hopes for counseling and get a sense of each other to see if we’d be a good fit for working together.

2019: Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Process-Oriented Facilitation
2017: MA in Process-Oriented Facilitation and Conflict Studies
2016: Social Justice Mediation Institute

Portland Therapy Center Member

image source: shane griffin